2up & Velika – Many Colors (Sounds Of Earth)

Every now and then we’ll stumble over an EP from a relatively unknown producer that really takes the breath away. The latest such man to do exactly that is 2up, a Mexican producer who joins forces here with Velika for the stunning ‘Many Colors’ EP. Dark, dexterous and full of nimble flourishes from start to finish, it’s a sweeping, dramatic release that will take the breath away.

Fans of straight up house and techno are sure to be left disappointed here, as there’s more to this one than straight up dancefloor fare – and this isn’t an EP that opts for the conventional journey. That title track is a case in point, as its many eh, colourful, hues work wonders alongside Velika’s sultry vocals. Touching on deep, tech and progressive pastures, it really is a diverse listen like few others. After this, label head Vazik scrubs it up, giving it a more ominous layer of paint that’s notable for its lashings of white noise and spooky thrills. The ying to the original’s yang, it’s nonetheless an excellent addition to the package. Culminating it all is ‘’Matter of Time”, another collaboration between 2up and Velika and another cut that sticks out from the pack courtesy of its celestial template and its many enticing vibes. Sticky and humid, it signs off the record with some panache.