Amine Edge & DANCE Present… CUFF Volume 2

Regardless of whether you love, loathe or are just plain oul’ indifferent to them, one can’t argue with the fact that Amine Edge & DANCE have risen out of practically nowhere to become arguably France’s hottest duo since Justice and the halcyon days of electro. That, perhaps, is because theirs is a fresh approach to dance music that doesn’t suffer from pretention, and while people do try and put their music in a box, ‘G-House’ goes no way to explaining the raft of house, tech-house, hip-hop and disco which courses through the music they make and promote.

And in that essence, their latest release on CUFF, Amine Edge & DANCE Present CUFF Vol.2, is a job very well done indeed. With 8 tracks on show, there’s something for fans of up-tempo strands of house music especially here, just as there was on Volume 1 in the series. This one is even more jacking, dirty and filthier though, and if you’re a fan of the guys, then you’ll know that we mean this is as a compliment.

Their X-rated track, ‘Your D is my Passion’ is one that’ll make the bodies sweat on the dance floor, as are the tracks by Sirus Hood ‘What You Are’ and SION’s aptly named ‘Make You Sweat’. That said, there’s a variation to everything on offer here that’s hard not to get down with. Just make sure you bring your Lynx to the dance floor.