Bordertown & EZLV – Things Should Go (Nurvous)

EZLV is a duo who’ve been on a really impressive run of form of late, with their clued-in and classic sounding take on house music pricking the ears of everyone from Souvenir, 100% Silk and Plant Music. Their latest release, however, might just be their crowning achievement to date. No surprise then that it arrives on a label that’s arguably up there with Strictly Rhythm in terms of influence in the house domain. The label we’re talking about is Nurvous, the New York label with a continuing rep. for churning out only the classiest house jams. And this collaboration with Bordertown and Freya is just as brilliant as we’d anticipated.

It’s the original that is the most sparkling, although the remix is a fine job too. We’ll get to the latter in a bit, but for now it’s worth dwelling in the original; a track that – though very modern sounding – could well be a cut from the early 90s. In that essence, it’s a perfect addition to the Nurvous catalogue. The aforementioned remix comes at us from Stil & Bense, who turn the heat up to 11 with a neat edit that shimmers with warm and soulful vibes from the off. The incessant keys are the first to grab our attention, whilst the boys manipulation of the vocal is similarly noteworthy. And by the time that bassline comes to the fore, you’re practically forced to nod your head in agreement.