Deeplastik – Crossroad EP (Dichotomic)

The Dichotomic label has been impressing us with their club-friendly fare of late, and now they serve up another summer sizzler courtesy of label boss, Deeplastik, who emerges here with a stunning three-tracker that emphasises all that’s good and great about the label. Featuring one original and two remixes, it’s certainly a release that’s worthy of any house heads time.

First up on the release we have the sounds of the title track, “Crossroad”. A nimble and deep series of transitions fill the void, slowly progressing at a pace that’s serene but also groovy enough to latch on to. A clever amalgamation of sounds and styles, it’s a sultry track that’ll sound best when the sun is coming up in Ibiza.

SICHI’s remix, for that matter, is a neat compliment to the original and one that takes it in a more-house fueled direction. This time about, the emphasis is on the spiky synths and trippy vocals which hang around from the original. This one is similarly melancholic, although the new bassline gives it that extra something. Closing out the package is the sounds of Alexic Rod’s more upfront interpretation. His mix is basking in good-time vibes, and is more rough and ready than what’s come before. Full of neat, progressive hues and swelling pads aplenty, it’s a track of contrasting emotions that really does stir up something inside. Drop it at the right moment, however, and it’s sure to work wonders on the dancefloor. A veritable delight from start to finish, this is another great release from the Dichotomic posse.