Dole & Kom – Salto Martale (3000 Grad Records)

Dole & Kom here team up for a new EP that offers up three new and original cuts of medically enriched house music and get remixed three separate times with equally great results. This Berlin based pair has been working together since the 90s and that really shows.

Up first, Salto Mortale is a swaying, emotive cut that comes with lush chords and wavy grooves. Silence is just as rich, this time with what sound like guitar chords jangling over tech beats and with a dreamy female vocal drifting about in the spaces left behind. Fly Bar is the third and final original and this one gets a little more pumped and peak time though is still resolutely deep, with its oriental instrumentals plucked over its supple drums.

Silence gets remixed twice, first by Mollono who serves up a bass heavy version, then by Seth Schwarz, who goes for a dreamy, lazy tech house rework that is all soft and gooey. Rene Bourgeois & Dan Caster then team up to remix alto Mortale and do so with some saw tooth synths and darker nocturnal energies. Overall, a great EP for lovers of melody.