An Interview with Adrian & Georgi Barrel (Sinnmusik)

From Underworld to The Chemical Brothers to Layo & Bushwacka, electronic music is a medium that’s always been kind to duos and collaborators. One such outfit that has recently come to our attention is Adrian & Georgi Barrel, a Barcelona based pairing whose latest EP on sinnmusik has really captured both our hearts and minds. Sure to get you moving on the dancefloor, the lovingly named Back2BassKicks sees the guys produce a three-tracker that’s as lovingly curated and as excellently produced as even the year’s most cherished EPs. Theirs is a sound, then, that – while hard to adequately pigeonhole – is most definitely influenced on the classier side of the house spectrum. We pulled up a stool recently with the guys for a quick chat, as we talked styles, studios and Barcelona…

 How did you guys first meet and where?

We first met in Kassel (Germany) for Georgi’s ‘Ghetto Dinner’ EP release party at the ARM Club, to which we invited Adrian to play.

Why do you get on – are you the same or different?

Adrian – We are both like-minded music lovers …
Georgi – … with different slappin’ styles!

Who does what in the studio – does one do bass, one melody or whatever?

– We both do a little bit of everything but Adrian prefers doing the drumbeats, “Love me some swing beats!” and if you listen to all three tracks I think you can distinguish each others skills and inputs.

Adrian  – tell us about your new EP on sinnmusik* – what inspired or influenced it?

Most of my influence I would say comes from late 90’s garage and early 90’s hip-hop. I love that soul feeling in house too.

Adrian – what made you move to Barcelona – is there a healthy scene there?

House has always been around in Barcelona, I wouldn’t say that’s what made me move here but a couple of years into living here I begun to really get influenced by the city. Barcelona is an amazing city with a huge potential for the scene but unfortunately there are a few things that really hold it back in its true potential to flourish.

Georgi – you are resident at ARM – what’s that like? Do you play differently there as a resident, can you do things you don’t in a normal club?

As a resident there I really try and focus on expressing my own particular style more than trying things I’d not do elsewhere.

Georgi – Are you dedicated to the format (Vinyl)? How many do you own and what are some of your personal favourites/most cherished?

For sure! I lost count of how many I actually own but my K&D and Tosca records are my all time favorites.

What are you most excited about for the rest of summer?

Adrian – Chilllliiiiiinnnnnnn…

Georgi – Free time after intense university duties, vacation with my girlfriend, skateboarding and some quality outdoor events.

Adrian & Georgi Barrel‏’s Back2BassKicks EP is out soon on sinnmusik