An Interview with Doctor Dru (Jeudi Records)


Your next release is set to drop again on your imprint of Jeudi Records. Where did the inspiration come for ‘The Grain’?

Yes, the release dropped on the first of June. Basically I had this bass riff I recorded with my moog prodigy. It reminded me somehow of Carpenter film music. I’ve been listening to his music for a while. The rough idea then spent some time on my hard drive left alone . Somehow it never let me go and when diggin’ in my sketches folder looking for whats maybe worth finishing “The Grain”& “The Pattern” came out of an afternoon sesh playing around with new synths. When learning or playing around with new synth or plugins I’m always doing little tracks. I liked the vibe of  “The Pattern” a lot and decided to make a whole track of it.

What did you set out to achieve when working on this EP?

I wanted to underline the direction I had started with “Alpha Ray” and “Proper Lane”, my last releases on JEUDI.

Looking back over your career, how do you feel your sound has developed and where do you see if heading in the future?

My sound has developed a lot since then but I cant say where it’s heading. As a  producer and DJ I was first known for the nu disco sound like “The Voice of Dru”, “Juicy Fruit” and all that stuff.  My first real love in electronic music was techno. As a drummer I loved playing funk , I have this dark side in me I can totally lose myself in. That’s my main influence and that’s what I’m expressing in my music.

Has running Jeudi Records helped you improve as a producer and DJ?

I wouldn’t say that. JEUDI is my home and a crew. What helped me to improve is the experience as a DJ I’ve made traveling the world the last year playing to so many different crowds and my steady work on my skills as a producer of course.

What has been your favourite release from Jeudi Records and why?

Haha, hard and mean question. One of my favourite tracks is “OF Moon” by Bunte Bummler. I think, when you have special moments with a song it’s forever in your heart. And when I’m playing it out again after some time I have this melancholic feel, a nostalgic back in the days moment. With this song I’m having that moment. But just to name one of our beautiful catalog.  ;)

Where would you like to see Jeudi in the next couple of years. Would you ever take it into the events side of the industry?

We already launched some successful events at e.g. ADE and Sonar and having frequent label night in cities like Berlin, Paris, London, Istanbul.  JEUDI label nights are always highlights for me. Of course we wanna go more in this direction . There’s nothing better than bringing the family together at one table and being able to spread your sound vision. It makes me really proud to see how it’s all evolving.
The last year everything h append and grew quite naturally. I want to go on like this. Not forcing things too much. Sign great music and go on building a strong crew.

What was your first ever experience of electronic music and did you know that is what you wanted to do from that moment?
I think, it was some 80s stuff but I wasn’t so aware it’s electronic music.. What was fascinating to me, was the sound world you can create with synthezisers. and still: when I hear a certain sound I’m always curious how it’s done. Of course I know a little bit more about synths and can say if it’s this or that waveform and filter blabla..but I’m ever more excited by the soundworld of electronic music.

Do you still get ‘pinch yourself’ moments when performing, when was the last?

My last South America tour for instance.  On the other side of the planet people are singing along to your music and are giving so much love and support to you. I’m still stoked by how music travels the world.

What do you have lined up gigs wise over the summer?

There are some nice festival gigs and a Brazil tour coming by the end of summer.

What has been your favourite ever venue to play and what is your dream place to play that you haven’t already?

Ouff..hard to say. e.g. Warung, Brazil is always special for me. One place I’d still love to play is DC 10 for sure!


Doctor Dru’s ‘The Grain’ is available now on Beaport..