An Interview with Giorgia Angiuli (BPitch Control, Einmusika)


Giorgia Angiuli is an Italian live act who’s surely one of the best such acts that her country has introduced us to in recent years. Devastatingly effective in her ways, she’s just as comfortable making deep house as she is tech house or even, pop. As it happens, her latest release is more pop-focused. Seeing the light of day on the Einmusika label, it’s a supple and refined example of how to make interesting pop music with electronic sensibilities. We caught up with the main lady recently to see what’s what in her world…

Hey Giorgia, great to meet you! How are things in life right now for you? What’s exciting you?

This is a very good moment for me! I’m living in a ‘happy bubble’ and I just love the summer vibes because I generally spend this time in my lovely home town, Monopoli, in the south of Italy.

How influential was Italy on your musical education?

I’ve studied classical guitar in Italy and I have very nice memories of those years. The conservatory of music where I studied was inside an 18th century monastery. Beyond this experience, I wasn’t that influenced by traditional Italian music. So Germany has probably inspired me more musically actually.

When did you first realize you wanted to make music full-time?

I always felt music was nothing more than a strong passion and to become a full-time musician was only a dream. A few years ago I was writing my thesis and thinking about a masters degree in Event Management. Then a friend of mine sent some tracks to Ellen Allien and I had the chance to sign an exclusive contract with her label, Bpitch Control, with my previous audio-video project, We Love. This experience gave me the opportunity to realize my dream so I will always be grateful to Ellen for this.

You’re renowned as a live act and not a DJ. Can you DJ? Is it something you’d ever consider?

To be honest I’ve never played a DJ set in my life. It’s a strange thing for me – I’ve always been in love with the composition since I was really young but I’ve never listened to much music. I could spend whole days writing music but it’s difficult to spend my time listening to music. That’s why I think I could never be a DJ. You have to listen to lots of tracks every day to make a good selection.

You’ve released some really interesting new music recently on Einmusika? Is this an entirely new direction for you?

I’ve always liked to produce melodic tracks. I like many different styles of music and when I produce tracks I never think about a direction, I just try to feel free and spontaneous.

Can you tell us a bit about your association with the label?

I’ve always respected the label. One day I sent them a demo and Samuel from Einmusik told me to go to the studio and mix together an EP! It was a very nice experience, all the crew there are very professional.

So are you just as happy making techno as you are more pop-focused stuff?

I really love to play tech house during my live set because I love to see people dancing, but I really like pop music too. So I think that my style is a sort of hybrid between techno, deep house and pop music.

How do things like the atmosphere, venue and sound system influence how you approach a set?

When you play live it’s very important to perform in a venue with a good sound system, and I think that the energy of the people can really influence the final result! I think there is a sort of alchemy between the crowd and the club. When there are good energies, the club can become a magic box.  Another very important thing is the light designer, when the lights follow the music the result can be fantastic.

What’s the most important production lesson you’ve learned over the years?

To take time before to consider finished a track. The music production is very exciting and when you produce a new track it’s aways a strong feeling but I’ve learned that it’s very important to take time and wait … Staying few days without listening that new track and listen it again with different and fresh ears.

How has your summer been this year? Have you played anywhere cool?

Yes, I’ve had some very cool gigs. For example, I played at Fusion Festival which was amazing and in August I will play at the party of Carl Cox, Carl Cox and Friends, in the south of Italy, produced by the club Guendalina. I can’t wait for it!

What was the last audience to really leave you inspired?

In Paris when I played at Faust Club and the people were super warm. They were really focused on my music and I like when people are curious about the instruments I use.

Similarly, who was the last live act to inspire you?

Gianluca Petrella, an Italian jazz musician, a trombonist. During his live he plays with ableton, a moog little phatty and his trombone. It was very fresh and original, with many influences from techno to jazz.

Is there anyone you’d love to be like in that regard?

James Holden :)

Plans for the summer, and the rest of 2015?

Relaxing and producing some new tunes looking at the sea from my window!

Giorgia Angiuli’s Underskin Harmony is out now on the Einmusika label