An Interview with Jesse Perez (Mr Nice Guy Records)

It’s been over 2 years since the first Bump ‘N’ Grind compilation on your Mr. Nice Guy label – how have things changed for you and the label since then?

We’ve grown a lot since then, when the first Bump N’ Grind Jams dropped we didn’t have that many ears on our music. I think now we have a lot of listeners and people have caught on to our sound.

The release includes tracks from fellow Miami producers Sex Sells, Ashrock, and Chalk. – was it a conscious effort to showcase local talent?  

With exception to Sacha Robotti and Kevin Knapp, who created the track “Puppet”, everyone on this release is actually from Miami. It has been a goal of mine for a while to round up some talented artists from Miami and create a team. For me it was hard to break out of the Miami scene and get records signed, so now that I’m in the position to make that happen for others back home it’s great.

You make “tracks to get your girl wet” – if you didn’t have music, what would be your top 3 moves/chat up lines in a club?

Haha, no lines, just some good ol’ fashion grinding… if she doesn’t appreciate what’s rubbing against her, it’s probably not gonna happen.

Your 2010 video for “How To Name A Porno” features your brother tossing himself off in a bright blue turtle neck. How did that idea come about?

My brother is the funniest person I know. There’s no shame in this game! I was just messing around with some ideas that I had for the video, I told him about doing a scene where he’s about to watch some porn and he was up for the job. So we grabbed some old trophies, VHS tapes and old clothes that were stored in my parent’s garage to use as props, then threw in the classic Godzilla Poster and hand lotion… The rest of the video works around an old porn documentary, which I sampled on the track.

You’re a well-loved member of the I’m A House Gangster family, notoriously fronted by DJ Sneak – what kind of things have you guys gotten up to in the past?

Yes, I’m really honoured to be a part of that family. I love the branding concept, the music they’re releasing, and events they have put together. Everyone is constantly traveling, so I only get to catch up with the fam at shows to be honest, like WMC and Off Sonar.

Last year in Ibiza we all got together at Carl Cox’s villa for a special BBQ session that DJ Sneak threw down, that was an amazing day for sure, great food and vibes.

 You’re almost half way through a two-month tour of Europe, including a visit to Egg London in July – how ‘s it going so far, and how do parties compare over here to Miami?

Loving it so far, I’ve played some really dope parties! The hardest part is keeping in contact with all the people I meet throughout these trips. I’ve met a lot of great peeps that have been very hospitable.

There’s not a lot of difference when it comes to parties in Europe and parties in Miami. At the moment in Miami there are a lot of great parties being put together by the Miami Rebels & Link, Safe, Club Space, Electric Pickle, Bardot etc. There are a lot of options now, from Techno, to deep house and everything in between.

What releases do you have coming up, and is there anything exciting happening for you in the pipeline?

I have a lot of stuff coming out on different labels in the fall, and a few free downloads, like my remix of FCL – “It’s You”.

I’m most excited about premiering of my new video for “Still Slangin’ That D”. It’s the first time I’ve done a video of that magnitude so should be cool to see how it’s received.

If you could describe your mood right now in one track, what would it be?

Jesse Perez – “The Juice Maker”. 9 times out of 10 that’s the mood I’m in. That’s the soundtrack to my day.

Words by @Ednaski