An Interview with Simion



Simion is undoubtedly one of the scene’s hottest new names. A true proponent of classy house, his is a sound palette that’s both underground but accessible, and he’s the sort of guy whose knack for a melody could well see him soar into the pop charts should the right track come about. With his latest mix, Deep and Dirty Ibiza, out now, we decided to put a few questions to the man himself…

Where did you grow up and what was it like for house and techno music?

In Germany and it was all about House and Techno music.

Do you remember first encountering electronic music?

I think my brother gave me a tape from Sven Väth or was it Carl Cox. Don´t remember to be honest!

And when did you release your first EP? How do you feel you’ve progressed since then?

It was on OFF in 2013. It felt nice having this peace of vinyl in my hand.

And how do you write a track? What do you start on?

Everything starts with a bass drum for me!

So are you a quick or slow producer? Or does it vary?

It doesn´t matter if it is slow, it has to be good.

And what came first, the DJing or the producing? How do you think they benefit one another?

DJing came first. It is great road-testing your own stuff and getting a direct feedback.

What’s the toughest ever gig you’ve played and why? And what’s the one track you use to rescue the dance floor in that time?

Actually gigs can´t be that tough. Being a resident and playing all night long is tough, maybe a couple of nights a week. I don´t think there is this one track for me. It is down to the vibe. I don´t want to play a hit record just for the sake of applause.

Will you be playing any cool gigs this summer?

I just came back from Ibiza where I played at Sankeys. There is more to come.

How does the weather and your mood affect how you make music? Or does it?

The weather always effects my mood. It is easier to produce music in spring than in winter.

So are you involved in music aside from your DJing and productions?

I am working for a record label as well. There is loads to do!

And what’s your involvement like with Hedonism? Can you tell us a bit about the label?

I am one of the A&Rs and our philosophy is to release unique music with outstanding vocals.

Who was the last DJ to really impress you?

Actually Dennis Ferrer. I saw him last week at Pacha Ibiza. Not really a underground place, but he was rocking it from the first minute.

Your latest release – what was the vibe you were going for with it? And did this change at all the longer the production process went on for?

I wanted to catch a deep vibe around the great vocals from Jo Hall. Actually I had the mood from day 1 and I was not changing it.

What else have you got coming up that’s really exciting you recently?
S: At the moment I am working on a new EP with amazing vocals from Kevin Knapp. There is also a amazing Florian Kruse remix on it. So watch out for that!