Josh Butler – Snake Skin (Avotre)

Josh Butler has very much rise to the top on the last year or so. The UK producer has had some fine releases on a range of contemporary label and here he displays his passion for tough no frills house kickers on the excellent Avotre label. Run by Sante out of Germany, it has become an oft referenced outlet for thrilling house beats. They have put out great compilation, hosted fine label nights and back to back DJ sessions with core artist Sydney Charles and Darius Syrossian, but here is hoping Butler now becomes a full member.

First up is Snake Skin, with teak tough kicks, wood block hits and a subtle infusion of fat synths and granny hi hats all making you sweat. It is tight and pitch perfect before Safe Zone gets slightly deeper and cuter with its buried deep stabs, explosive vocal cries and high dropping drums. Last but not least a dub mix of Snake Skin gets stripped right back to its most raw beats and scant percussive ticks and as a result comes over as a perfect reduced, naught back room cut that cannot fail to make you sweat.