Luuk Van Dijk – Body EP (Roush Label)

Holland-based producer Luuk van Dijk is a man on the rise – especially if his latest release is anything to go by. It comes out on Hector Couto’s Roush label – so you know it’s of a certain quality. Indeed, van Dijk still smashes it out of the ballpark, introducing us to his talents in a manner that very much suggests he’s a man on the rise. The EP we’re alluding to is called the Body EP, and it features three tracks, all of which are worth their weight in unadulterated dancefloor prowess.

The first one up is “Face”. Full of unusual vocal snippets and elegant and rotund beats that wiggle and swirl throughout, it’s the first sign here that van Dijk is the sort of producer who’d rather go down his own path than copy other producers’ more generic wares. Compounding this vibe is “Arms”, which is my own pick of the litter. This time about, the producer goes all up-tempo and off-kilter, as he introduces us to the more refined side of his palette. A smooth and nimble deep house transition, it’s full of suspense when it needs to be but also dexterous enough to leave an impression. Really quality stuff this.

Seeing us out the back door is the similarly expert strands of “Legs”. This time out, the burgeoning Dutchman crafts a track that’s fully formed and full of expert motifs that only enhance his standing as a man who’s as diverse as he is promising. A cracking EP that hints at great promise, we can’t wait to hear more from Mr. Van Dijk over the next while.