Newbie Nerdz – The One EP (Altus Project)

The Altus Project imprint is fast becoming a highly respected label across the underground electronic musical scene. The latest offering from the closely knit family comes from London based duo Newbie Nerdz who bring the sounds of ‘The One’ alongside a double helping of remixes from the likes of Stefano Esposito and Jey Kurmis.

The original track opens with a ferocious kick drum that is sure to leave you shaking even hours after you’ve left the club. This percussively dominant number flows well throughout, bringing in the odd synth chord stabs alongside classic strings and a quirky vocal that rolls over itself towards the tension building rises to all come together in an almighty drop.

Stefano Esposito’s most prominent adaptation comes in the form of the pitched down vocals which work amazingly alongside the shuffling hi hats. The delayed effect and cave like reverb, that also finds itself slightly upon the drums for even more of the warehouse vibe really helps shine this track in new light, in a darker, after-hours edit.

Jey Kurmis ups the energy for his time in the spotlight as the groovier tech house feel is allowed to blossom. Again, similarly to Stefano, Kurmis makes the vocal his own, opting for a more rhythmically altered take that hops around the bouncing bass line, trippy melodies and truly irresistible hi hat groove.

Once again Altus Project flex their muscles with another impressive feature and surely one that is set to roll on through the summer season.