Nick Sinna – Black Rose EP (Prime Numbers)

Nick Sinna is the sometime d&b dude who’s been turning his hand to techno in recent times. All things considered, it’s a move that’s served him well so far, and though his techno releases are generally pretty thin on the ground, they’re always worth the wait. His second release for Trus Me’s Prime Numbers is a case in point, as the Manchester artist rips up the rule book once more in his own inimitable way.

Getting us off to a real flyer is the tasty sounds of the original, ‘Black Rose’. A really intriguing proposition, it shows the producer is taking no prisoners as he unleashes a maelstrom of foreboding colours and a vocal tinge that really gets under your skin. Dark and ominous, it’s exactly the sort of hearty battle weapon we’ve come to expect from the label. On remix duty we have Vril, the German who’s been winning respect aplenty of late courtesy of his releases on some of the scene’s most prominent techno labels. His mix is a weighty, punchy number that plays to the strengths of the original but also has the sort of Vril touch that’s so in vogue right now.

The B-side gets underway thanks to ‘What List?’, which offers up another demonstration of Sinna’s knack for crafting scrupulously produced and always interesting techno jams. The prominent cowbells give it a really dizzying flavour, as does the urban drawl that accompanies it throughout. Last but not least we have ‘No Rules’, which is another track that’s high on ecstatic vibes and warm, fuzzy, pitched-back flavours. Indicative of the producer’s more thought-provoking side, it combines some lush percussion with some gorgeous overtones. A perfect B-side and an apt way to sign off on a brilliantly eclectic listen.