Olerton – Trunk Sewer EP (Catch Recordings)

Next up on Catch, which here makes it to release number six, is an EP from Olerton. It comes with a first ever remix by the much loved Literon who is best known as Gerd, a hardcore house master. Olerton themselves are also an accomplished duo who have impressed on Strictly Rhythm amongst other labels and here the serve up their most different and compelling music yet.

First up is the raw, sweaty groove of Trunk Sewer, a banging, perfectly stripped back and macho deep house groove with real meat in its bones and bite in its perc. The remix from Literon is a subtle one but is one that flips the house cut into a more slick and techno sounding groove, perfect for tunnelling deep into the night.  Tamna Strata then continues on this heavyweight, weird out tip with a whirring, malfunction machine groove, heavy drums and gluey synths all making for refreshingly dark and different atmosphere. Prick Lane night be the best cut of them all, though, for the way it marries freewheeling, alien melodies with roughshod beats and makes for a nice loose, yet mechanical, groove. Abstract but accessible it is a real head wrecker for the late moments of any set. A bonus Literon remix close out another essential EP from this always interesting label.