Pablo Del Monte – Glide Over Here (East Recordings)

Pablo Del Monte is an emerging British producer who really seems to have found a bit of form of late. The brains behind the East Recordings imprint, the label puts out the sort of contemporary fare for which the east side of London is duly renowned for. In that essence, his latest is another cracking release. This time, our protagonist leads us on a merry dance that features no less than four up-tempo jams.

The first of these, naturally enough, is the title track Glide Over Here. It sees the producer don a cap that’s both melodic and harmonious but also fully formed for the floor. A really handy weapon with which to slay the dance floor, this is the sort of track that’s buoyed by a lovely crossover appeal.

The first of three remixes follow, and it comes from German producer, Julius Papp. His effort is laced with similarly banging motifs, although he loses the laughing sample that was a part of the first track and replaces it with a sultry female touch. Thallulah, William Medagil and Jose Maria Ramon come together for the sci-fi tinged remix soon after. Epic in stature, it’s almost cinematic this one, and could well fit into a scene from Terminator. Culminating matter is DJ Vox’s ‘Filter Over There’ remix, which is notable for its strident kicks and its eh, many filters. A diverse package full of many highs, East Recordings rolls on with considerable panache here.