A quick catch up with Roush boss Hector Couto

Few producers have enjoyed as special a past while as Spanish native Hector Couto. His is a sound that seems to have cut straight to the core of contemporary house culture; a fact that’s laid bare by the slew of respected labels he’s already piped up for. 2014, moreover, looks set to be the summer when he spreads his wings even further, with his Roush label – as well as his residency at Tribal Session in Ibiza – sure to introduce this multi-talented Tenerife DJ/producer to a whole new audience. We caught up with him recently to get the lowdown on all that’s been going down..

How did you first get into electronic music?

My first step into electronic music was when I was younger. In Tenerife, the scene in the 90s was really big. UK Hardcore stormed straight from England and completely changed the scene the island. These are my roots and are behind my musical evolution leading up to the point I’m at today.

What was the last record you bought and why?

Macaluso – Universal EP, because it has the ideal sound for surprising the dancefloor crew.

As a DJ what do you see as your role? Do you prefer DJing or producing?

I love DJing but if I have to choose one, I prefer producing because is the creative part of music. Producing a track and seeing the reaction of people is priceless.

Why do you reckon DJs almost have to produce these days? 

Producing your own music gives you an extra dimension while Djing. Try to offer your unique sound to the people and you can benefit from the rest.

What do you consider the first ‘big break’ in your career?

When played in Ibiza last summer, this year I will return and I am really excited to go back there.

You’ve had a lot of success with your career so far, what’s been the highlight?

Ibiza has been a turning point in my career that´s for sure, and the next releases on BPitch Control Records Berlin, OFF Recordings, Get Physical Music, Moda Black & Roush makes me feel like I’m doing well.

Can you tell me a bit about your new label? What’s the ethos behind it and who’s involved? 

I started my label with a clear idea in my mind – to offer something different not based on new trends. We are a label with a clear ideology and passion in everything we do. In April we release two Es; on the 7th Point Sole presents ‘The Pein Place’ including a remix from one of Spain’s hottest young names, Cuartero. On the 28th April we drop Josh Butler’s ‘Take That’ which includes a remix by myself. Check out www.soundcloud.com/roush-label for more info.

I work closely with Antonio, the label manager, and the rest of team to take every release to the next level.


Will you be in Ibiza this year? What are your plans for it? 

I’m one of the residents at Tribal Sessions this year with Darius Syrossian. I’m really happy to be part of the project. I will play at Blue Marlin too, this summer already looks amazing for me.

Do you still get excited about Ibiza or do you think it’s lost some of its charm over the years? 

For sure. I get excited every time I go, Ibiza has never lost its soul. I love to play for so many different people. For me, Ibiza is a truly unique place and nowhere can compare to this beautiful Island.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest EP? And how was it produced? 

When I started to produce the EP for Lost Record, I got inspired with some old-school vibes. I felt really confident while producing my track ‘I Believe’, released on Lost records as it stayed in the charts for more than three months. http://www.beatport.com/track/i-believe-original/4755767

What producers are exciting you right now?

Jordan Peak / Djebali / Tuccillo / Cuartero / Julien Sandre / DJ Le Roi.

Who’s going to win the World Cup this summer? Are you a proud Spanish supporter

Spain for sure, we feel really proud for our fantastic team. It is full of talent and gives a lot of joy to the entire country.

What’s next for Hector Couto ?

Work, Work, Work. That’s it! I’m full of energy to keep doing what I love… music.