Rennie Foster – RF Remixed V1(FR Trax)

Rennie Foster is a long time DJ and producer who really knows his onions. Based in Canada here he decides to start a new label entitled FR Trax and for the first release he has a crack team of experts from Detroit, the UK and New York remix his own best tracks. Those names are Mark Archer, Sean Deason, Butane and Claude Young and the resulting EP is fantastic.

Up first Claude Young tackles Good Time Charlie. The result is a truly moving techno cut with rippling synths, sombre piano chords and big drums that really carry you up up and away. It is a serious techno cut with oodles of musicality and fine studio flourishes and gets things off to a flying start. New York badman Butane then gets much more raw, dark and dirty on his version of 252 Liphe. This track is stripped to its bare bones and is a beat drive wareksoue or basement banger that really makes you sweat.  Sean Deason then steal the show with his expertly broke beat, rubbery, tripped out take on Fierce Methodology and long time raver Mark Archer of 808 flips things with a feel good, melodically rich and soulful happy house jam that will make any floor go wild.