Review: Top 3 Highlights of Lovebox 2014 (Saturday)

    Lovebox 2014 was forecast to be plagued by thunderstorms and rain, but was gifted with unrelenting sunshine. For most of the prepared (like myself), that meant having my bare chest out whilst brandishing a sweltering pair of useless dark green wellington boots – not a good look.

    On the other hand, I was at one of London’s best electronic music festivals and looking forward to doing a review featuring a top day of fun with friends.

    So, what were my top 3 highlights from Lovebox that were unrelated to M.I.A’s sound malfunction, Nas’s nostalgic Illmatic rendition, or the ridiculous sight of seeing a guy with nos and balloons getting chased around the field by a bouncer and about 20 girls who he clearly owed balloons to…


    1) Hercules & Love Affair

    The Noisey stage was one of my favourites of the festival, and the early doors set from Hercules & Love Affair was sensational. A friend said “no, I can’t watch them, that guy with the paedophile voice creeps me out”. Luckily for her, said paedophile voice guy (Antony Hegarty) wasn’t performing ‘Blind’, so what we were left with was a stonking analogue-heavy set of tunes – when the acid bass of ‘Do You Feel The Same’ was played, you could light a match off the goosebumps on my arms.

    2) Kenny Dope Disco Fever DJ Set

    While the rest of the festival was going all ‘Tomorrowland’ waving thousands of glowsticks to uber-bitch M.I.A, I was giving my disco boots/scorching wellies a good shaking to Kenny Dope at the RBMA Presents tent. It was a bit of a no frills, camp, care-free party, with tracks like ‘You Don’t Know Me’ by Armand Van Helden getting dropped amongst a fantastic sea of funky vocal house and disco classics. A real treat, and a nice getaway from all the East London shufflers.

    3) The DISTRIKT stage in general

    The DISTRIKT stage was a bit of a revelation this year, and a first for the festival. The infamous arts collective are best known for setting up camp at Nevada festival Burning Man, and the stage stayed totally rammed throughout the day.
    Huxley’s mid-afternoon set was a stand out for me, playing some of his best bouncing house tunes like 2012 release ‘Box Clever’, and generally keeping the vibe tip top throughout.