Roni Kush – Robot Noise (Foreign Language)

If you like techno with colour and something of a spiritual, cosmic twist, then this new EP is for you. It comes from the up-and-coming Ibiza-based producer, Roni Kush, and lands on the so-far so-good Foreign Language label. Offering four tasty cuts, it is the sort of thing that really makes a high point of any set.

First cut Robot Noize is a clever number with withering synths, slick drums and a real sense of bounce in its bones. Well crafted sounds and effects make it all the more dynamic as it rolls on and frankly, you will be happily lost in the groove before long. Then we have a series of remixes, the first of which comes at us from Scurillous, who brings a load of tantalising acid to the table. Elsewhere, we have Ali O’Sullivan’s remix, which is notable for its killer stabs and big room momentum. Seeing us out the door is Marco Loco, who takes the original and makes it a whole new beast. It has snaking, going synth lines flashing about above well rooted, rubbery drums and will really take dance floors on a trip as it unfolds. This is a fine EP, then, and one well worth checking out.