Superlover – Love Flute (Mother Recordings)

Superlover is riding the crest of a wave right now, with his work on the Mother Recordings label endearing him to a whole new audience. In short, he specializes in the sort of fare that’s proved a winner at labels like OFF Recordings in the past: discerning enough to be underground, it’s still sonically accessible to those of a house persuasion too.

In that essence, his latest party-trick sees him pull out all the stops once more, as he introduces us to a groove-soaked side of his palette that we’re most definitely digging. Expansive and almost soulful in approach, the title track, Love Flute is a carefully layered and executed house track that has emotion aplenty running through its veins. ‘Love Machine’, however, is my pick of the two – and is further indication of Superlover’s continued ascendency through the ranks. A brilliant, delicate track that takes its cues from a seriously soulful track (can anyone maybe tell us which one!?), this is sampling at its most best. Just like his alias suggests, Superlover really is capable of unleashing some seriously impressive and soulful beats.