Truth Be Told – Brass Minkey EP (MadTech Records)

The North West has and always will be firmly on the map when it comes to fresh creative talent, Liverpudlian duo Truth Be Told continue a strong 2016 with a forthcoming release on Kerri Chandler’s MadTech Records. It comes as no surprise that they’ve attracted the big guns with support from the likes of Jamie Jones, Hector Couto and Darius Syrossian who’ve all been spinning their tracks for months!

Delving into this release we’re presented with title track ‘Brass Minkey’ which is a four to the floor stomper from the off, erratic percussion and a subtle grooving bass line come together alongside a dominant synth lead to really give this one some welly.  Slotting in nicely alongside the opener we’re treated to a sweet surprise in the form of ‘Dib Dab’, snappy snares and pumping kicks make up the meat of this sandwich which develops into an atmospheric club rumbler.

Next up ‘True Colours’ gives off that Apolloniaesque groove we know works so well on dance floors worldwide, scattered synths, chopped vocals and the signature Truth Be Told percussion elements round the original tracks off nicely.

We’re treated to a couple of remixes high octane remixes from Acid Skys and MANT who both provide solid interpretations fit for any club atmosphere,  there’s no doubt this EP goes out on a high!

Release date – Late July.

Words by @straightinout