Vesta – Neon Heart Ft. Heather Melgram (Flak Records)

Every now and then a producer crops up out of nowhere and takes your breath away thanks to the sheer quality of the music they’re presenting. In this case, it’s the turn of Vesta, a British producer from the house music city that is Leeds. His music conjures up many emotions, but most significantly it reminds us that everything’s going to be ok, in a strange, dancefloor hybrid sort of way.

Anyway, in spite of this release featuring just the two tracks (one of which is a radio edit), punters are still getting bang for their buck here, thanks chiefly to the dizzying array of sounds that we’re introduced to. Spellbinding in parts and truly epic in others, the track, Neon Heart (a collab with vocalist Heather Melgram) moves with a sort of confidence that suggests the man behind the music knows his way behind the production desk very well indeed. A formidable number that’s truly hard to pigeonhole, it’s nonetheless a track that’ll go down a treat wherever it’s allowed out of the bag. Pop/house straight off the top drawer, this is classy fare indeed.