XYST Podcast | Dayne S

XYST Podcast | Dayne S by Wearexyst on Mixcloud

Dayne, tell us a little bit about your background and how you got involved in house?

First of all, thanks for inviting me for this interview. Well, I was born in good old germany in 1990 and had the first contact with music in the age of 6 when I started playing the guitar. From that point I had a lot of guitar lessons but I didn’t enjoy it really much, so I decided to educate myself. I played a lot in a blues bar in my hometown Detmold and in some bands.I think I got involved in house when I had the first real “rave” experience a friend took me with him. I liked the repetitive rhythms and the stunning effect it has on people and society. Then I started consuming every genre of house music, bought a lot of tracks from electro house to – and that’s where I found kind of my “favorite” – deep house.

We first came across the sounds of Dayne S last year, your track “Leadbelly” was released on Noir Music and was extremely well received by the deep house community. How do you feel it has helped your career having the support of big names such as Noir?

I think having the support by such big names is a big help because you get the chance to reach a huge audience. Most people in this scene are very open-minded (I love that) and are always looking for new talents and music, so the recommendation by a big name is always helpful!

Lets touch on your influences, living in Germany do you feel this has had an impact on your sound considering the countries musical heritage I.e Techno.

I think today’s scene is very international and local influences fade away more and more. But it’s definitely helpful to live in a country where electronic music has a big scene because of all the contacts you get to know. So I would say it doesn’t really have an impact on my sound.

What/who has influenced the sound of Dayne S?

A lot of my inspiration considering melodies etc. come from the good old blues like B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, but also from modern guitarist musicians like Steve Vai. I love to work out an idea on the guitar and then try to transform it into electronic music but that’s just one way I approach a new production. But in general, I kinda use every input I get, no matter if it’s from big artists, pop music in radio or just an interesting sound I hear on the street, so my influence is life you can say.

Talk us through your studio set up, the software and hardware you feel most comfortable producing with…?

I’m working with an extremely low-budget set up haha, but I think it’s not all about what e.g. a good monitor box gives you, it’s what you can hear. I’m mostly working with Steinberg’s Cubase 5.5, sometimes I use Ableton Live for doing audio cuts and mixes. My sound interface and monitor controller is the Steinberg C1, a really cheap but useful device. When it comes to software VSTs, my favourites are the Arturia Moog, Korg’s selection and the great natural sounds of NI Kontakt 5.

Can you tell us the DJ’s who you think we should be looking out for this year and in the future

Sadly I don’t know all fresh talents who’s worth the mentioning but what I hear so far is very good stuff coming from Moodwax, Alex justino, Maximiljan, Albert Marzinotto, STUFF.

Looking ahead to the future, what have you got coming up in terms of new releases and gigs?

My next releases are coming on Defected, OFF and CUFF. Also I’m currently working on lots of remixes and a new EP. There are remixes coming for Nin92wo, LouLou Records, Tom Novy and some others Regarding gigs i heard from my agency (Kreativkopf-Booking Düsseldorf) that there are requests from Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam and Miami so far. I hope 2013 will get me to a lot of different places, but we’ll see where it all leads.