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Tell us a little bit about your origins, how you first came into contact with music and when your passion for electronic music began…

I guess I grew up around dance music thanks to my older brothers. And being a 90s child a lot of dance music was on the radio. It’s great dropping the old classics I heard when I was young when I was a kid, tracks like Livin’ Joy – Dreamer and The Original – Luv U Baby sound so relevant now. Since then I have gained a more varied taste, I would listen to anything from D Bridge to AFX, that’s the great thing about electronic music, it’s so varied and you can find something to suit your mood.
Can you give us an insight into your studio set up, what you couldn’t live without and some key elements that make up the Ejeca sound

I read magazines with producers showing off their huge studio with 20 different synths and racks of effects. My studio consists of a Desktop PC with Ableton and VSTS, a midi keyboard and monitors. I have given up the day job (finance) so I’m looking forward to expanding on this and becoming more hands on with my production. Ableton 9 with Push looks like something I’ll like. I would also like to buy some hardware synths but I will spend time picking the right one and not just using it as a clothes horse (I’ve always want to say clothes horse in an interview)

There’s a real nostalgic scene going on right now, guys like Waze & Odyssey, Dusky and yourself. What kind of effect do you think taking a step back in time is having and will have on the future of House music?.

I think taking a step back was needed. It’s given music a real grounding of late, and all of a sudden the clubs have the life that they were lacking during the minimal techno era. For a while there clubs were like mental hospitals with everyone on ketamine looking at their phone listening to different forms of sonar, now it’s great seeing someone rip off there shirt (taps aff) and spilling a drink down themselves dancing like a deranged dingo, that’s what it should be. I’ve no doubt the music will evolve and producers will start to use their own synths as opposed to sampling as much, I think the only thing that concerns me is everyone seems to have exploited the same acapella pack (including me!), one thing I’d like is to use proper vocalists in my tracks and not sample so much. If you listen to Burial’s latest Truant/Rough Sleeper EP you can see he’s started to use his own vocalists to tailor to his tracks, I think it’s given him a brand new sound virtually.
As you spend most of your time in the club we’ve got to ask you the burning question, what do you think of the shuffling phenomenon?.

To be honest I just had to youtube this, as I haven’t heard the term, but I like it. My big thing is stamping my foot as hard as I can while screaming, also shooting fake rifles and clicking my fingers out of time, not as cool at shuffling but it all counts.
Who should be be looking out for in 2013, any producers coming through you would tip for success?.

Roger Gerressen , Detroit Swindle, DJ RUM and Synkro are all making amazing music. I guess some were big in 2012, but each have a specific style I love and hope they get the recognition they deserve.
And finally…What can we expect from you in 2013 in terms of releases,festival appearances etc?.

I have EPs on 2020 and LoKee Musik confirmed, also 2 other EPs in the process for two labels I love. Remixes for Russ Chimes and Chris Malinchak forthcoming. Gig wise it’s very busy, will be out in Ibiza a lot this summer and doing Love System Festival in Croatia, Farr festival and Secret Garden. Check www.ejeca.co.uk for all the dates.