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Describe the Prince Club sound for any individuals who haven’t got their ears round you yet


I’d like to say that our sound is pretty straight forward House music but, i like to answer like as if I were speaking to my uncle who doesn’t know anything about house music so: “Our music is made for people to dance and have a good time.” Its 4 to the floor and its not trying to be anything that we’re not. I know some people would say we are Deep House or Tech House or Wtv House, I say we’re just HOUSE!

Any future releases that we should be expecting from you guys?

We just had a few releases come out; We had an EP Come out on Nurvous records with our extended member, Poupon. The release was supported by the legendary MK will now be featured on his Defected mix coming out in April.

 We had another release on Play it Down, featuring a collab with one of our good friends from L.A, Rick Rude. There was a digital release but I hear that there may be a vinyl release coming soon so stay tuned! Remix-wise, we have one out  for Trinidad, that came out on Congaloid,Stefano Ritteri’s label, and presently working on remixes for Culprit , Defected and for Jesse Rose’s 12×12 series. And…We’re very excited to have An EP Coming out on Mark Knight’s powerhouse label Toolroom called ” Came Back/ The way i feel ” We think its a solid record and we are super super excited about! It will be out April 8th!

Are there any producers you think our readers should look out for in 2013?

Max: Honestly my “Coup de coeur ” from last year and into this year is my super good friend Steve Huerta. Everything he makes is insanely good.

     Next, one of my favorite people, my bromie Urulu, is about to take over the Deep House game hard. His music has a maturity as if he had been making music for 50 years. Its really amazing the musical knowledge he has across the board. Another one of our good friends, Sage Caswell, is coming up with really amazing left field house music. 
  Last but definitely not least, my accomplice, Zach with his side project where he sings under the moniker Forrest. and collaborating with some amazing producers like Re.you and Tom Budden and signing on some of the industries most respected labels, so you know it’s high quality House. Super Floaty, sexy vibes and it’s evident that he’s gaining a lot of support and feedback from the fans..

Lets get a little topical now… What do you think of the ongoing ‘EDM’ debate, have you noticed its prominence in Canada?

Ah, the delicate subject of EDM! Ok, Here’s our philosophy: There is good in everything if you are willing to search for it. That being said, the EDM fury either in Canada or the US doesn’t really make me angry because i like to live and let live. Music tastes are quite similar to choices in ones’ diet. EDM is pushed on kids by the “media” like junkfood in mainstream media..Everyone likes a little junkfood here and there, but there are people who eat Mcdonalds’ 10 times a week because they don’t care about their health and don’t want to educate themselves on better ways of nutrition. The same goes for music genres. There will always be the junk in every genre, and maybe sometimes it’s enjoyable. But it’s up to the person to further educate themselves on “feeding” on the better aspects of Electronic music. It is also up to the Djs/Producers to push/make good music giving them more than just the junk.

THE BIG ONE: Vinyl or Digital and why?

The novelty of releasing on vinyl is really cool but at the same time the convenience and rate at which you can release digital music cannot be overlooked. As a producer, there is a certain pride in having your music pressed to vinyl. Like it was good enough to be on a physical format. But The digital era and democratization of technology made for a slew of producers making songs in their bedrooms and taking music into the “future” which is amazing!

And finally, where can fans of Prince Club expect to see you playing this year?

We’ve been playing as much as we can, either together or separate. In the last year Zach has moved to london and me to Los Angeles Which is the reason why Zach has been playing mainly in Europe and myself in  North America. But not to worry because we are scheduled to reunite in may because i am relocating to London and we are doing some Euro touring! Continue to check our facebook page for upcoming dates ! 

Thanks for having us !