XYST Podcast | Steve Mill (Madhouse Records)

XYST Podcast | Steve Mill (Madhouse Records) by Wearexyst on Mixcloud

Describe the Steve Mill sound to anyone who hasn’t heard you before…

It’s a combination of influences from the past , present and what I foresee as the future of the
music. Always contains warmth and soul to it , never boring and repetitive in a bad way. My
music tells a story to the listeners ears and this story might be something from “It’s a lovely day
and the sun is shining” to “Shut up and dance”. It can be blunt but at the same time make
them fall in love with themselves.

You were born in Greece, was there any kind of House music scene whilst you were growing up?

There was definitely a strong wave of house music back in the early 00’s when I was shaping
my character musically. I remember back then, I was highly influenced by what I was
experiencing in the nightlife of the city I grew up in, mainly a progressive house wave, as
that’s what the underground nightlife of Thessaloniki used to sound like mostly back then. All
heavyweights used to perform once or twice a year, so we had the chance to listen to the
“music of abroad” as internet was not that accessible to give us the opportunity to “educate”
ourselves. But yeah, I wont complain, as I think that I grew up in a country that loved and still
loves dance music.

Who/what would you say has influenced your sound the most?

I am influenced and inspired by life. Music around me, music from the past and ambitions for
the future. As well as this House music pioneers of the 90’s are the main source of influence for
me, I remember I always wanted to have a career like the ones’ I used to admire when I was
15 years old and watched people like Armand van Helden, Ian Pooley, lots of French house
DJs etc..

Can you tell us a little bit about how you became involved with Madhouse Records & How it feels to be working with such a prestigious label?

It is indeed a great success for me to have entered the roster of Kerri Chandler’s label and put
my name next to some of house music’s finest like him, Dennis Ferrer, Jerome Sydenham,
Phil Asher and more. I remember I targeted the label back in the summer of 2011 after I gave
a listen to a fantastic Tony Lionni EP that was out at that time. I wrote 3 tracks, one
was “You Really Know” with Elli and mailed them. They picked them up straight away!

You kicked off 2013 with a bang with your release “Nobody” on Madhouse, can you tell us what you’ve got coming up in the future?

Yeah “Nobody” is out already and is doing great so far as we expected to be honest, it’s a
record that will last for sure.. I have a remix for a Robert Owens track that was just out a
few days ago, originally produced by Jevne. A couple of more remixes are coming, that’s
for Ovasoul 7 and Matthew Bandy on Limestone recordings. U-Lot Sound feat. Jem remix
for Jeepers! label , Brighton based and one more remix for Zaki coming out on his MUAK label.Plus I m constantly in the studio and well , working on new original material and probably I will have something new out later this year. Probably summer..